It has been too long – Renewing Goals

I am shocked to see that I have not posted to Steemit in 23 days. What happened? Not even those silly pictures of what I am eating (which is what my last post was). I think I have been in a creativity slump. I think I got sick and have had trouble catching up.

It is and has been a goal of mine to post regularly. I have not ever been able to accomplish this goal for any great length of time.  Part of my problem has been the difficulty of creating and maintaining a blog. I had to rebuild this WordPress site because it was utterly broken. I toyed with Medium (which I liked) and many other solutions. Steemit and its reward system have brought me closer to what I want, but the Steemit editor is very annoying. My hope is that by adding WordPress as a layer on top of Steem I will be able to blog to myself effectively.

Amber The Mobile Office

I bought a new car. I think I’ll call her Amber… Shockingly I have no pictures of my new car. Another sign that I closer. My car is a 2018 Chevy Volt and I am learning that she can operate as a very effective mobile office. Another goal: Really go overboard with the mobile office idea. More on this in a future post…

To Write Or Not To Write

The examined life is not worth living.


My goal is to write at least weekly. The topics will be whatever. I am mostly writing this for me. So, while I don’t care if you like it please comment so I’ll have somebody to argue with.

If you want to learn like the pros, solving problems is proven
to be more effective than watching lectures and videos.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals. My next post will be about goals, my bucket list, and perhaps I’ll even cover what I’ve accomplished thus far. However, I want this blog to include my opinions of current events, my philosophy, and my frustrations; not just a to-do list.

What problems will I solve?

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